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Why should you be Interested?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other networks are simply a part of daily life for millions – in fact, billions – of us. The ubiquitous use of Facebook extends to more than a quarter of the earths population- that’s more than 2 billion active users.

With such a far-reaching scope, it’s no wonder that these networks have become such a valuable tool for businesses. If you’re not posting on Facebook, trending on Twitter or sharing pictures on Instagram, you’re behind the times – but we can help.

Effective social media marketing is about much more than just posting. Understanding proper optimization on social networks is a nuanced and delicate thing. What works for one brand may not be best for your brand.


 The digital and electronic world is changing at such a rapid pace that it's a full time job just to keep up. And when you have a business to run, you don't always have the time to not only keep up, but more importantly, to make intelligent decisions about how, when, where and of course, how much.  Leave the worrying, planning and execution to our team! We are experts at positioning your message in a meaningful way across the relevant platforms and products that will deliver revenue and resu 

Drive customers, grow your audience and expand your reach.

Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Digital Marketing attracts your audience

 What makes your customers tick? Targeting the right audience is a critical, but often overlooked phase of effective social media marketing. If you don’t know who your customers are, how can you reach them? Mainstreethost social media campaigns start, by identifying and targeting your best audience. 

Engage Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Digital Marketing Engage your audience

 Social media users want to be engaged, which means they want to see intriguing and relevant posts that appeal to their interests. Our social media marketing team understands this need and works with you to make your brand effective at connecting with your audience.

Grow Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Grow Your Audience

Digital Marketing grow your audience


Cultivating an audience online is more challenging than ever. With so many social outlets, complicated algorithms and restricted exposure, it’s hard for business owners to find the time to manage social outlets effectively.


Grow Your Audience


How long will I see results?


First step Months 1-2: The first 60 days of your inbound marketing plan should focus on discovering and defining your target audience. This is where we define who your customers are and what motivates them.   

Second step: Months 3-4 This is when the magic begins to happen. The hard work done to increase your presence in social networks, blogs, videos, eBooks, everything is beginning to bear fruit and drive organic traffic.  You still do not sell anything? Probably not yet, but it is noticing how the increase in traffic begins to generate qualified contacts or leads that your commercial department must follow to sign a contract.  

Third step: Months 5-6 This is where you get the concrete figures that will influence your marketing strategies. You will have a solid image of how your site and its assets work before and after the inbound marketing campaign. This information will help you develop a strategy to continue growing your business in a way you never thought possible. 


Did You Know?

91% of social media users are accessing social channels via mobile devices.